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There is an incredible amount of exciting and important community and artistic work taking place in Greater Manchester that is the concept of ripples of hope brought to life.


We know from our Gatherings that many have been inspired by the concept of ripples of hope and would like to use the moment and message of the Festival to respond in their own way.


Inspired by the Ripples of Hope Festival will encourage communities and organisations to organise their own events and activities as part of the Festival and showcase them as part of our work.

To become a part of the Inspired by programme, they have to 

  • take place in Greater Manchester at some point between the 1-14 February 2021.

  • help to show and encourage the power of people to come together and make change - to be ripples of hope - in our communities and across the world.

  • be fully formed with finalised details and ready for public promotion from October 2020.

If you join the Inspired by programme, we'll help you raise awareness of your event; support you in your project's development; give you the tools to use the Inspired by the Ripples of Hope Festival brand and be part of the Ripples of Hope family!

So if you have events, exhibitions or activities planned or in development that celebrate and encourage our power to make human rights a reality - to be ripples of hope - we'd love to hear from you!

Please get in touch at

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