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Central to The Ripples of Hope Festival is the creation of spaces for people to come together in meaningful ways, to have breakthrough conversations; connect with one another and be inspired by artists, activists and stories. The concept of breaking bread and cultural expression of food is central to this: communities, particularly marginalised ones, strengthen their solidarity and understanding through the sharing of food. 

As we have worked with people across Greater Manchester, a recurring theme in our conversations has been the desire to come together around food and connect in meaningful ways. 

And so we’re inviting people and organisations across Greater Manchester to host their own community feasts - Feasts of Hope - to bring people together and strengthen the bonds of our communities.

Feasts of Hope are curated and organised by communities themselves. We are running workshops, beginning in January 2020 through to September 2021 to help you in that journey, facilitate collaboration, give you tips and ideas and promote what you are building.  You can join at any time.

If you’re interested in becoming a Feaster - hosting, organising, contributing to a Feast in any way - please complete this form:




Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to travel alongside them through the past year and is working to create a Feast of Hope. This toolkit is for you and brings together tips, advice and links that can support you in creating your Feast. It’s not all original content - we don’t want to reinvent the wheel - but it’s a one stop shop of really useful information.  We’ll update it monthly, so do share any links and suggestions with

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Building on what our Feasters have told us they would like to explore and have more support on, we're hosting a series of workshops in the coming  months on different elements of what it means to create and organise your own Feast of Hope.

To find out about the next workshop, please go to What's On.

March 2021 Workshop - It's All About Food


April 2021 Workshop - Ideas for organising your feast

July 2021 Workshop - Feasting Plans!

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