15 September 2021     |     Greater Manchester


If we are to build a sustainable and successful future, business must reinvent itself and its key role in the future of our societies and our planet. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK convenes cross-sector senior decision-makers from the business, finance and technology communities to explore how they and their organisation can be champions for our transformation to a world that serves people and lives within our planetary boundaries.


For a future that serves humanity, human rights must be a dynamic in business that goes beyond compliance: they must be at the heart of leadership, strategy and culture. The starting point is the reality that human economies are built on the physical and biological foundations of planet Earth – and must live within them.

We believe in a vision of a regenerative future – where we meet the needs of all, within the means of the planet. It demands of us to create systems and ways of working in which energy and materials flow renewably; that don’t extract our planet’s limited resources; and in which people – and their well-being – are the principal source and definition of value.

The Ripples of Hope Business & Investment Summit is an opportunity and space for senior-decision makers to pause and reflect on their role as a leader in creating our shared future.


With an intensive programme facilitated by leadership development experts Leaders’ Quest, hearing from leading thinkers and decision-makers, you and your peers will:


  • Explore where your business sits in society and the new economic landscape of the future through the prism of regenerative economics;

  • Build your own playbook and skills to thrive in a world of intensifying – and competing – stakeholder demands;

  • Explore the metrics leading companies are adopting – and how to integrate them to deliver on your strategy;

  • Develop regenerative approaches to your priorities and relationships with your people; your environmental impact; your supply chain ecosystem; your customers; and the communities and society your serve. 

If you would like to know more about The Ripples of Hope Business & Investment Summit 2021, please email dennis.marcus@rfkhumanrights.uk




115 senior business decision-makers came together to begin to build a community committed to creating a better world, through an immersive day:


  • AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE – opening plenary with Q&A

  • REIMAGINING THE FUTURE – workshops facilitated by Leaders’ Quest

    • Making our environment clean & sustainable

    • Creating a fair & inclusive economy

    • Fostering a healthy & safe society

  • LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE – workshops facilitated by Leaders’ Quest

    • Alive at Work

    • Breakthrough Conversations

    • Peak Performance


Delegates heard from incredible speakers, including:

  • Eric Collins (founder, ImpactX Capital)

  • John Elkington (Founder, Volans)

  • Lord Michael Hastings

  • Gina Miller (founder, SCM Direct) 

  • Kim Polman (founder, Reboot the Future)

  • Ian Stuart (CEO, HSBC UK)

  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Prime Minister, Denmark 2011-15)

"The quality of speakers, calibre of attendees and the value of the workshops made this one of the most insightful and productive conferences I have attended. The workshop session provoked a strong understanding of my current role, motivations and future."


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